Jewish Money Makeover 

A 4-week intimate course that will transform your financial life!

Are you tired of:

  • Feeling stressed about money?
  • Fighting with your husband about money?
  • Feeling like there’s never enough money
  • Feeling overwhelmed by your finances?

Are you ready to:

  • Build a new financial reality?
  • Change your relationship with money?
  • Have peace around your financial life?
  • Emerge out of this financial crisis transformed?

If you answered YES, then this course is for YOU!

  • We will learn fundamental Jewish principles that will alter your entire financial paradigm and reality.
  • You will be empowered to change your thoughts and emotions about money so that you can actually create more wealth.
  • Your language will shift.
  • You will take ownership and responsibility for your financial decisions.
  • And you will be able to communicate about money with openness and confidence.

Limited to 10 women only!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You will receive a short form to get us acquainted, the link to our private virtual classroom, our class' WhatsApp group, a reminder to block all 4 classes on your calendar, and a link to book your private coaching session.

Throughout the course you will receive worksheets and other materials to keep you on your toes and solidify the week's learning.

Intimate Classes 
  • 4 classes of 90 min: July 19, 26, August 2,& 9 9pm ET
  • Replay of each class! 
  • We will do deep and honest work & a small size is essential 
  • Limited to 10 growth-minded women
Learning Materials
  • Custom-made worksheets to help you internalize and implement the weekly learning
  • Dedicated WhatsApp group with TONS of resources, support & accountability

Let me take you on this transformational journey. Because this money stuff is complex and I know it.

Money & Personal Finance is my passion. But, that wasn’t always the case…. 😬

I have a degree in Economics and an MBA. Money was very much a part of my professional life! I could structure and negotiate multi million dollar deals for corporations. But, when it came to my money...

💥Bank statements and other financial documents stayed piled up on my kitchen counter. (Read: among other financial mistakes, bills didn’t always get paid on time).

💥Plastic was the only form of payment I thought existed. “Cash… who uses that?”

💥Reading my retirement account statements made me dizzy. Off to the recycling bin they go. 

💥Transferring a retirement account from one employer to another… “Seems complicated. I’ll go for a manicure instead.”

💥Hot stock tip from a colleague? “Sure, he must know what he’s talking about. I have extra cash to spare anyways.”

💥“Emergency Fund? What’s that? You mean, American Express?”

💥 "Budget? Who has time?"

💥 My motto was pretty much, "If I want it, I buy it." (Not a very good motto, my friend)

And the list goes on... 
My financial strategy could be summed up in one word: denial

I liked spending money. But, since I feared I would one day not have any (because hey, I knew how to spend it) I often attempted to hide it from myself by placing it in less than smart investment vehicles. 

And with the denial also came the shame“Why can't I get it together? ” “Aren’t I supposed to be ‘good with money’?”

When my finances took a hard hit in the 2008 Recession, I was forced to put on my big girl skirt, and work to change my financial paradigm and my relationship with money for good! The more I studied, the more I realized that the finance part was super simple. The financial jargon and sound practices, I knew. 

But why then, did my behavior not match that knowledge!? Because money is not just numbers! Money is emotional! And if I really wanted to change my thoughts - which create emotions - my feelings, my language and my behaviors around money, I needed to do more than read personal finance books. I needed to tap into the eternal wisdom of Judaism. And once I did that, the real transformation happened!

I can confidently say I came out of the last Recession a changed woman - empowered, able, calm. And in turn, yes, wealthier!  

And while the current financial crisis is so much worse than 2008, I've managed it in a completely different way than I did a decade ago! All due to the profound way I've integrated Jewish wisdom with  sound financial practices. No financial planner or guru will teach you this stuff! But, you have it in your heritage and you can master it! And I can train you to uncover it and capitalize it!

So, if you’re ready to come out of this financial crisis transformed, join me !

Come out of this pandemic transformed

Will you come out of this Financial Crisis transformed for the better? Or, will you be crushed and even worse, come out of this, unchanged and having the same rocky relationship with money as before?  

It depends on You!

  • Gain confidence around money
  • Change your financial paradigm and reality
  • Have peace of mind!
JEwish money makeover

Transform your relationship with money!



  • Live intimate class: space limited to 10 women only!
  • Resources & accountability to challenge you in a very profound way

See what people are saying

Leah Richeimer

Leah Richeimer 

Author & Marriage Coach

Yael's insights and advice are spot on! Money is an area of great tension and Yael’s practical tools are truly inspired and inspiring! Couples need this, women need this… the world needs this!

Jael Toledo

Author & Family Therapist

I’ve never heard anyone integrate faith and finance like Yael. It’s brilliant and necessary. I often share her spiritual and practical teachings with my patients.


Kayla Levin

Kayla Levine

Marriage Coach

I have seen Yael's firm grasp of how money works and--more importantly--the confusion and emotions that can hold us back from taking control of our finances. Yael guides her audience with wisdom, humor, and a lot of empathy. I can't think of anyone better to help women gain control of their finances--and actually enjoy the process!

Jewish Money Makeover

Transform your relationship with money!



  • Live intimate class: space limited to 10 women only!
  • Resources & accountability to challenge you in a very profound way

Let's do this!

This is the course I've been wanting to teach for a long time. Once this pandemic hit I knew I had to serve women in this way. There is too much pain and struggle around money. But it doesn't have to be that way! I want to teach you the spiritual & practical tools I've learned so they you transform your financial life. Get ready for deep, but fun work as we bring some Jewish wisdom & spirituality into your finances.  You will love it!